Nepal Trip 2018

Joan O'Connor has recently led a group of 11 people from GCP around Nepal to introduce them to the programs and distribute resources to the Shanti Sewa Ashram, three schools and the Children's Peace Home under the direction of Dr Chintamani Yogi.

"I am delighted to have led this group of amazing volunteers around our programs in Nepal. They have given generously to support initiatives that will help the community in health outcomes with a water filtration unit and in valuable literacy and numeracy resources for the Women’s Ashram and schools with laptops and tablets. We have been given so much care and love visiting many schools and community programs. We feel blessed and look forward to returning to beautiful Nepal and the Yogi family and friends who have made our journey so special. Namaste until we meet again. Global Communities for Peace continues to support many projects in Nepal. We will return."

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