Since our incorporation in 2015-16 GCP has hosted a number of fundraising events for particular projects, here's how that money has been spent.

We gratefully accept donations throughout the year. If you would like to make a donation to GCP for fundraising please contact Joan in the first instance.


We have developed training and development programs and have also delivered the content of these programs and provided ongoing support to women and children in Nepal, working with teachers at all 3 campuses at HVP Nepal in English /Health and Global Affairs /early childhood teacher support.


Fundraising efforts have also helped us provide resources for schools including books for subjects such as science and maths as well as other learning tools. In Dang, Nepal this fundraising effort also aided the building of a girls home to provide them with privacy as they go through puberty, and in supporting the women's ashram, children’s peace home and spiritual centre in Banepa Kathmandu.


Thanks to the generosity and support of the community here in Australia, 12 computers have been distributed throughout all programs and schools in Nepal for students.


GCP in partnership with a small group of 8 business women have funded small loans to over 100 women who have graduated in literacy and numeracy programs delivered through the Ashram in Nepal. These micro credit loans help the women to develop their own business ideas.


Fundraising has aided in the set up of an early childhood program, with resources including books, library, paper and paints etc. In addition to this, writing books and pencils have also been provided for women’s literacy program and to support the Ashram coordinator.