Exciting news from Dr Yogi in Nepal

Today I would like to share a very good news with you all about further development of grand land project of our Peace Service Center/Ashram. You all know that now Nepal is going through a hardest time of the history, very painful daily life for all; especially for the Earthquake victims… but we cant solve any problem just by crying… so we must come up with new ideas… and we must keep up the journey with HOPE.

This area of land is only 45 minutes drive from Koteswar, it means very close from our existing Ashram. This is in a nicest place with most exciting view of Himalaya. This area has high potential for tourist purposes also. This place has enough open space with community forest and community lands and is quite close to the Kathmandu University. There is no problem with roads, water, electricity, security etc. So dear friends, pls pray… pls spread the words… and pls let us know how can you help us?


CM Yogi


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