Introducing AIRtime

The Authors and Artists in Residence is a program that was co-founded by GCP’s Director, Joan O’Connor and Humanitarian Author, Jerry PiaseckiLaunched in South Australian School Communities and the Hindu Vidyapeeth Schools in Nepal, the program is now available globally. You are invited to be part of this wonderful global movement for peace and goodwill among nations!

GCP AIRtime is a program with a purpose to inspire young people to be “great” and freely express their hopes and dreams by becoming published authors and artists sharing stories, sharing lives through their chosen medium. It is time for our students’ voices to be heard through their own Humanitarian Narratives.

GCP AIRtime was developed in schools in Australia, USA and Nepal in 2014 and continues globally today.

The program is easily integrated throughout the school curriculum, empowering students to share their views and stories in order to inform, educate and enlighten others within the literacy, expressive arts, human rights social studies and environmental streams, with outcomes that will build a culture of peace and partnership between young authors and artists globally by:

  • Developing as global citizens
  • Fostering a commitment to action and participation with issues that affect them
  • Connecting schools globally
  • Publishing their work on all participating school websites, and the GCP website
  • Introducing the Humanitarian Narrative Genre throughout the Curriculum using Author Jerry Piasecki’s novels – available for purchase on our website

How to begin:

Invite your students to participate in GCP AIRtime by submitting an idea or proposal for a story, poem/model/drawing/music/ video/presentation/ etc. at the beginning of the school term on an issue affecting their lives, their story.

Organize a support mentoring group of teachers, students and artists who will volunteer their time to assist and choose the GCP AIRtime recipients initially and support them throughout the term to develop their story.

  • Chosen GCP AIRtime recipients will be acknowledged and celebrated in their school, and their work published at the end of the term, to share with other GCP AIRtime recipients globally online
  • Upper primary and secondary students invited to participate are supported by their schools
  • Give students allocated weekly time and space to develop and refine their ideas with their mentors
  • Develop GCP AIRtime student leadership qualities and foster their uniqueness and greatness
  • Celebrate their work and success by connecting GCP AIRtime recipients at the beginning and throughout the life of the project. Ending the program with a celebration event with all recipients acknowledged globally as GCP AIRtime Peace Ambassadors (Certificate Attached )
  • Encourage published GCP AIRtime Peace Ambassadors to become mentors for other recipients and future peace ambassadors /leaders for their communities and link in to this global movement
  • Invite Humanitarian Author Jerry Piasecki to visit your school to mentor students or work on line globally


Each school will monitor their program’s success and discuss the challenges met throughout the process with the support of the founders of the Global Communities for Peace AIRtime Program.

Click on the thumbnail below to preview of a sample of one of our GCP teaching tools and download your own copy of the GCP teaching tools for Stolen books 1 and 2 via our online store.