AIRtime program

Global Communities for Peace AIRtime aims to:

  • Build a culture of peace and dialogue with young authors and artists globally, in order that they can share their creative visions and inspire others through their stories and actions
  • Connect schools with communities and create a dialogue between students as global peace ambassadors
  • Integrate the humanitarian narrative as part of a school’s curriculum (learn more…)

A sustainable humane society is in the hands of our young people and through programs such as AIRtime we can provide them with the space to develop their human ecological capabilities and advocate for change, with a focus on humanitarian issues, gender equality, peace building and environmental integrity. (O’Connor and Hammond 2014)

We can develop this philosophy through the Earth Charter ( Principles 3 and 16:

  • Help build societies that are just, participatory, sustainable and peaceful
  • Promote a culture of understanding, gender equality, nonviolence and peace

GCP AIRtime will:
Work with partners to develop young authors and artists who will be humanitarian advocates in their schools and communities:

  • Mentoring young humanitarian authors and artists
  • Developing a Global Humanitarian Narrative in order to build a culture of respect, understanding, compassion and peace
  • Developing community networks, facilitating on-line link ups and sharing strategies with the GCP program team
  • Supporting and connecting participants through e-learning opportunities
  • Celebrating successes and publishing stories on-line on the GCP and partners’ websites

The Airtime team consists of:

  • Joan O’Connor: Director, Global Communities for Peace, AIRtime Co-Founder
  • Jerry Piasecki: Author, Founder UN Global Peace Schools Program USA, Co-Founder AIRtime
  • Dr Chintamani Yogi: Founding Principal, Hindu Vidyapeeth Schools Nepal and Society Founder for Values Based Education, Nepal
  • Dr Cathryn Hammond: University of South Australia, Education Consultant, Australia
  • Margarette Perry: APY Aboriginal Lands School, Education Consultant, Australia
  • Andrew Plastow: Principal, Alberton Primary School Education Consultant, Australia
  • Eva Kannis-Tory: Vice Principal Thebarton Senior College Education Consultant Australia
  • Muhammad Ali Centre: Education Consultant, Louisville Kentucky USA

AIRtime will advocate for young people’s voices to be heard. Their individual contributions as members of communities and global citizens in this changing world will be valued and respected. These values will enable young people to develop relationships with their neighbours both locally and globally and contribute to a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

A message from one of our Partners

“The Muhammad Ali Center is proud to partner with Jerry Piasecki, Joan O’Connor, and Global Communities for Peace in ways that continue to tell your stories. We are happy to help connect some of your stories through AIRtime and similar programs. We look forward to showing the world some of the artwork you have created that visually expresses how Muhammad Ali’s core principles have affected and sometimes, even transformed your lives.” 
Donald Lassere

President and CEO, Muhammad Ali Center