We're working for peace

Global Communities for Peace is an organisation that believes in and promotes peace within ourselves, the community and the environment. We invite and empower people to participate in capacity building programs for peace that are sustainable. We value diversity and inclusivity, and strive for innovation and advocacy.

Our current focus

Coordinating the Art of Life education program for Dr CM Yogi Australian tour

  • working towards sustainable program growth in peace studies in schools
  • developing early childhood initiatives with Shanti Sewa Ashram, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • developing further outcomes with women’s microcredit, literacy and numeracy programs in the Peace Service Centre Nepal (Shanti Sewa Ashram)
  • supporting a boys home at the Children’s Peace Home, with a new build in Dang, Nepal
  • building a network of supporters for our programs and fundraising events
  • sharing expertise through our philanthropic work locally and globally

Who we are

The GCP board is an eclectic group of like-minded people who are all passionate about peace building and are all working on peace initiatives locally and globally.

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”

Malala Yousafzai From a speech at Harvard in September 2013.

Our board members

Joan O'Connor | Co-Chair

Joan has been working in the education development sector for over 30 years, with women, children and families from poor communities. Her focus has been on children and women’s empowerment through small micro medium enterprises (SMME) and advocating for gender equality though capacity building and change management. This has led to designing innovative peace projects, working with a diverse range of communities locally and globally.

Joan continues to develop International partnerships in the tertiary sector in peace studies, and has been a guest lecturer in community development and peace studies in Japan and Nepal.

The Earth Charter principles and the UNDP Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, underpin the foundation for Joan’s ongoing work in education.

Cathryn Hammond | Co-Chair

Integrating the concept of sustainability and more particularly socio-ecological sustainability has been a feature of Cathy’s work in the schooling and university sectors and now more generally in the community sector. She is of the belief that the social dimension of sustainability needs to inform peace initiatives and be recognised by us as a way of being.

Dr Alan O'Connor | Public Officer

I am married to Joan with three adult children and have lived in the Port Adelaide area for almost 40 years. I have had a life long interest in promoting affordable housing and was a founding member of Habitat for Humanity South Australia. I have a particular connection with Habitat’s global village work in Asian countries.

I have finished a long career in both the state and Commonwealth governments as a research and policy officer across a range of social justice arenas. In 2012 I completed a PhD on Indigenous enterprise development in remote Anangu communities. I am a member of the Friends of Torrens Island and also enjoy attending sessions of the Port of Adelaide University of the Third Age.

Gavin Jackson | Treasurer

Gavin comes from the land on the West Coast of South Australia, the youngest of seven children he started shearing at the age of seventeen which took him to various parts of the state including Ceduna where he met his wife, Tanya. He successfully applied for a position of wharf and jetty builders’ assistant with the Department of Marine and Harbours in Port Thevenard. Gavin and Tanya have two adult children who study and work in the Port Adelaide area.

He has remained with the Department of Marine and Harbours which transitioned to Ports Corp and then to Flinders Ports for over 30 years where he is now a Team Leader in the Marine Services branch of Flinders Ports based at Outer Harbour.

Over this time he has sought qualifications in the Bookkeeping and Management areas as he managed the financial side of his wife Tanya’s Hair and Beauty Salons. Gavin has taken the chance to “give back’ to the community by volunteering his time to help with GCP.

Kerrie Ashcroft

Kerrie has over 25 years’ experience in learning and development, with significant industry experience in the IT and Government sectors in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. In her most recent corporate role, Kerrie was the Director of Electronic Data Systems’ (EDS’) learning and development function for the Asia Pacific region.

She is a member of the board for The Community Living Project, a person-centred, values based disability service provider.

Lynette Barber

I am a passionate, considerate and motivated person and experience a deep spiritual connectedness which propels my need to serve humanity and the natural environment.

have 28 years of experience working across schools, preschools and community settings. I have specialized in family support, program implementation and creating links with community services to hopefully increase and sustain positive outcomes for children and families.

I have a personal and professional interest in healing generational cycles of trauma and disadvantage, experienced by children, families and communities and prioritize individual physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

 I am excited to be a part of the Global Communities for Peace Board, as I have visited programs and personally experienced their dedication, passion, commitment and achievements in peace building, locally and globally.

Mandi Glynn-Jones

Mandi is a local Artist who has lived and worked in the Semaphore area for over 30 years. She has coordinated and facilitated numerous community based art workshops and curated exhibitions for Council and Community Art Centres.

Connections and relationships between youth, communities, cultures and the environment, are recurring themes in both her workshops and personal practise.  She coordinates the annual Youth Arts Festival – an event now in its 8thyear, which gives students from 9 local High Schools the opportunity to exhibit, sell and share their artworks.

She continues to work as an artist in residence in Kindergartens, Primary and High schools, recently completing a 6 x 3 metre WW1 commemorative Mural at Mount Carmel and a Kindergarten ‘sense of place and belonging’ Mural at Glanville train station.

As an artist, her distinct style is recognisable and portrait commission work is ongoing.

Katrina Hope

Katrina Hope is a Registered Nurse employed in small public hospital in the culturally and socio-economically diverse Western suburbs of Adelaide.  Her lifelong interest in health resulted in her attending university as a mature age student to pursue her chosen career following a family tragedy 11 years ago.

Katrina has two young adult daughters and is herself one of three children who received her primary and secondary education at Waikerie, South Australia.

Katrina joined the 2018 Nepal tour with GCP Shanti tours. In Nepal she gathered group support for health improvements, resulting in the installation of a sustainable locally sourced water quality improvement system for the Dang CPH. This also reduces the burden of plastic purchase and disposal; another of Katrina’s passions.

Over this time he has sought qualifications in the Bookkeeping and Management areas as he managed the financial side of his wife Tanya’s Hair and Beauty Salons. Gavin has taken the chance to “give back’ to the community by volunteering his time to help with GCP.

Beth Lukehurst

Beth has lived in the Port Adelaide area for 25 years with her two now adult daughters. She strives to live in a compassionate, ethical and sustainable manner.

She has worked in the social services area for the past 18 years in administration and caring roles with children’s emergency care, disability care and general psychological services.

Beth travelled extensively in her twenties including Nepal and is keen to contribute to communities both home and abroad.

Kath Milne

Kath has extensive experience in leading major operations, developing services and benefits for customers as an Executive in the financial services industry, information technology industry and in the not for profit sector, both internationally and in Australia.

She has an excellent reputation in the disability sector as an active member of two National Disability Sector Committees – Workforce and Sector Development Committee and the Community Sector Sustainability and Innovation Working Group. She holds a number of Fellowships being a Fellow of Australian Institute of Management, Fellow of Financial Services Institute of Australasia and Fellow of Governors Leadership Foundation.

Susan Martin

Susan Martin has been working in early childhood education and management  for over 30yrs as a consultant and advisor. She has extensive experience in working with educators in remote Indigenous communities and is now working as a preschool teacher in a diverse multicultural community .

Susan believes in sustainable living and is conscious of delivering a peaceful education program for the children and families in her community.

Dr Niki Wallace

Niki is the Principal of Niki Wallace Design, founder of Net Zero Lab and Course Leader of MA Global Collaborative Design Practice at University of the Arts London and has been working closely with GCP since inauguration. Niki's work is underpinned by critical and creative thinking, and focuses on sustainability transitions, working closely with communities to help them transition towards more just and sustainable futures.

Our work

In addition to our philanthropic and fundraising work, we are also actively co-creating educational resources that aim to embed values of peace and actions of peace building into teaching and learning.

Books & Frameworks

Global Communities for Peace and our partners proudly developed, produced and funded the Stolen series of books, written by Jerry Piasecki in collaboration with children from the APY lands and their communities.

Joan O'Connor and Cathy Hammond also developed a teaching framework for integration into Primary curricula to facilitate deep learning from these books.


AIRtime is a creative schools programme that aims to:

  • Build a culture of peace and dialogue with young authors and artists globally, in order that they can share their creative visions and inspire others through their stories and actions
  • Connect schools with communities and create a dialogue between students as global peace ambassadors
  • Integrate the humanitarian narrative as part of a school’s curriculum

A sustainable humane society is in the hands of our young people and through programs such as AIRtime we can provide them with the space to develop their human ecological capabilities and advocate for change, with a focus on humanitarian issues, gender equality, peace building and environmental integrity.

— O’Connor and Hammond 2014

The Art of Life Programme

Dr. Chinta Mani Yogi is the founder of values education in Nepal and he teaches communities around the world about the five sensory human values: truth, love, peace, selfless service and non-violence.

From this social transformation, will come a personal transformation, our communities will become enriched and enjoy the art of life.

Dr Yogi is the founder and leader of several organisations in Nepal, all with a strong and conscious commitment to interfaith ideals. The aim of this movement is to educate and support disadvantaged and orphaned children on a not-for-profit basis, and to empower them for the future.

Dr Yogi also established the Hindu Vidya Peeth movement consisting of 3 school communities.


Our Research

We take action that is underpinned by research

Our organisation has incorporated the findings of funded research conducted by board members, that sought to find out what enables organisations to be socially sustainable. The research originally focussed on international and local schools, and the findings have been adopted by the organisation and impact the advocacy and the operations of Global Communities for Peace.

A visual shaped like honeycomb showing the interconnected nature of our research in communities, education, peace and sustainability.

Our Philanthropy

Since our incorporation in 2015-16 we have hosted a number of fundraising events for particular projects, here's how that money has been spent.

We gratefully accept donations throughout the year. If you would like to make a donation to GCP for fundraising please contact Joan in the first instance.

Training and Development

We have developed training and development programs and have also delivered the content of these programs and provided ongoing support to women and children in Nepal, working with teachers at all 3 campuses at HVP Nepal in English /Health and Global Affairs /early childhood teacher support.

Resources & Learning Tools

Fundraising efforts have also helped us provide resources for schools including books for subjects such as science and maths as well as other learning tools. In Dang, Nepal this fundraising effort also aided the building of a girls home to provide them with privacy as they go through puberty, and in supporting the women's ashram, children’s peace home and spiritual centre in Banepa Kathmandu.

Computers and Technology

Thanks to the generosity and support of the community here in Australia, 12 computers have been distributed throughout all programs and schools in Nepal for students.

Micro Credit Loans

GCP in partnership with a small group of 8 business women have funded small loans to over 100 women who have graduated in literacy and numeracy programs delivered through the Ashram in Nepal. These micro credit loans help the women to develop their own business ideas.

Literacy and Numeracy

Fundraising has aided in the set up of an early childhood program, with resources including books, library, paper and paints etc. In addition to this, writing books and pencils have also been provided for women’s literacy program and to support the Ashram coordinator.

Our achievements

Take action

We welcome participation from the community in our fundraising events, programmes, and continuing work.

Join GCP in Nepal

Each year GCP arrange a 3 week tour of Nepal. Guests stay near Bouddhanath Stupa in guesthouses and volunteer with Joan and Cathy at the Shanti Sewa Ashram. If you would like to join us in Nepal please send us your details using the form below.

Become a volunteer organiser

We host a number of events each year and welcome the support of volunteer organisers to ensure each event runs smoothly. Events such as fundraising dinners, movie nights and peace walks are all developed by a strong group of volunteers who work to ensure that every event is a successful and inclusive community gathering.

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