Welcome to Global Communities for Peace

Global Communities for Peace is an organisation that believes in and promotes peace within ourselves, the community and the environment. We invite and empower people to participate in capacity building programs for peace that are sustainable. We value diversity and inclusivity, and strive for innovation and advocacy.

Our focus for 2020-21

Coordinating the Art of Life education program for Dr CM Yogi Australian tour

  • working towards sustainable program growth in peace studies in schools
  • developing early childhood initiatives with Shanti Sewa Ashram, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • developing further outcomes with women’s microcredit, literacy and numeracy programs in the Peace Service Centre Nepal (Shanti Sewa Ashram)
  • supporting boys’ and girls’ homes at the Children’s Peace Home, with a new build in Dang, Nepal
  • building a network of supporters for our programs and fundraising events
  • sharing expertise through our philanthropic work locally and globally

A call for help for Nepal!